4. Digital Footprint Data product integration

4. Digital Footprint Data product integration

This document describes the input and output variables that are required by the Digital Footprint Data model when used with HTTP API V2. More information about the API can be found from the BDS Scoring System HTTP API V2 document.

The ID of the model is DFP_DATA. If this is the only model used in the scoring request, DFP_DATA should be the only value in scoringModelIds section, but it is possible to specify multiple models at once:
All the models will then share the same input variables.


The standard DFP_DATA uses the following input variables, but like with any other scoring model, we can agree that you can send us even more information. This additional information can be useful when we are building future models for you. The optional variables are recommended for best results, but can be omitted as well. Conditional variables are required only in certain countries.

Variable NameSample ValueOptDescription
applicationCreated2016-01-01T12:00ZRApplication date and time in ISO 8601 UTC format
firstNameJohnRApplicant’s first name
lastNameSmithRApplicant’s last name
age29OApplicant’s age in years
genderMaleOApplicant’s gender (male / female / unknown)
streetUrheilupuistontie 2RApplicant’s address, street address
cityEspooRApplicant’s address, city
zipCode02200CApplicant’s address, zip or postal code
regionCApplicant’s address, administrative subdivision e.g. state
countryFIRApplicant’s address, country code in ISO 3166-1 alpha-2
emailjohn.smith@bigda...RApplicant’s email address
ipAddress93.184.216.34RApplicant’s public IP address
userAgentMozilla/5.0 (Windo…RApplicant’s browser’s User-Agent HTTP request header
phoneNumber+358405555555RApplicant’s phone number.
companyIdOApplicant’s employer’s unique identifier.
companyNameBig Data ScoringOApplicant’s employer’s name.
sessionIdNA8FQMECZ4GZF…RApplicant’s unique tracking identifier for the session.

More information about the sessionId can be found from the BDS Page Tracking document.


The standard DFP_DATA returns the following output variables in the score section. Different models place their output variables in different subsections under the score section: the name of the subsection is always the name of the model.

Variable NameSample ValueDescription
deviceTypeDesktopType of the Device
devicePlatformWin8.1Name of the Platform
devicePlatformVersion6.3Version of the Platform
devicePlatformBits64Platform Bits
deviceBrowserChromeName of the Browser
deviceBrowserTypeBrowserType of the Browser
deviceRssReaderNoIs the Browser RSS reader (Yes/No)
deviceVersion39.0Version of the Browser
deviceCountryIsoCode *USCountry code in ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 based on IP
deviceCityName *NorwellCity based on IP
deviceZipCode *02061Zip or postal code based on IP
deviceAddressTypePublicIP Address type: Public or Private
deviceOrganizationEdgeCast NetworksOrganization associated with the IP
deviceIsProxyNoIs the IP likely a proxy address (Yes/No)
deviceISPEdgeCast NetworksISP associated with the IP
deviceUserTypecontent_delivery_n…User type based on IP
deviceLatitude *42.1508Latitude in WGS84 based on IP
deviceLongitude *-70.8228Longitude in WGS84 based on IP
fraudUnusualDeviceYesUnusual device information (Yes/No)
fraudInformationMismatchYesInformation mismatch between data sources (Yes/No)
fraudUnusualBehaviorYesUnusual applicant behavior (Yes/No)
behaviorTermsVisitedNoDid applicant visited terms & conditions (Yes/No)
behaviorPageViewTime54Total time applicant spent on the site in seconds
behaviorPagesVisited2Total number of applicant’s page views
behaviorUniquePagesVisited2Total number of unique pages applicant visited
behaviorTypingSpeed325Applicant’s typing speed (key strokes per minute)
behaviorCopyPaste0Number of fields where paste was used.
behaviorFieldChanges1Number of fields edited after initial input.
behaviorDwellTimeAvg85Average dwell time in milliseconds
behaviorFlightTimeAvg125Average flight time in milliseconds
behaviorPauses4Amount of pauses during writing
behaviorDigraphAvg209Average digraph time in milliseconds
behaviorTrigraphAvg415Average trigraph time in milliseconds
behaviorBackspaces1Amount of backspace button used
behaviorDeletes2Amount of delete button used
webLinkedInMatchYesLinkedIn profile(s) found (Yes/No)
webFacebookMatchNoFacebook profile(s) found (Yes/No)
webTwitterMatchYesTwitter profile(s) found (Yes/No)
webEmailCount4Number of results for email
webEmailCoCount **3Number of results for email and company name
locationClassification4Location assessment with classifications from 1 to 10

* Values are populated only, if the confidence on the located coordinates is high enough
** Values are populated only, if companyName input variable was provided


The following example contains only the response body of a successful HTTP request in JSON format. For additional formats and other technical details, refer to BDS Scoring System HTTP API V2 document.


“internalId”: “ee09aaa5-e65a-432b-a7de-a568359ee3a7”,

“externalId”: “1929199419291191”,

“score”: {


“deviceType”: “Desktop”,

“devicePlatform”: “Win8.1”,

“devicePlatformVersion”: “6.3”,

“devicePlatformBits”: “64”,

“deviceBrowser”: “Chrome”,

“deviceBrowserType”: “Browser”,

“deviceRssReader”: “No”,

“deviceVersion”: “39.0”,

“deviceCountryIsoCode”: “US”,

“deviceCityName”: “Norwell”,

“deviceZipCode”: “02061”,

“deviceAddressType”: “Public”,

“deviceOrganization”: “EdgeCast Networks”,

“deviceIsProxy”: “No”,

“deviceISP”: “EdgeCast Networks”,


“deviceLatitude”: “42.1508”,

“deviceLongitude”: “-70.8228”,

“fraudUnusualDevice”: “Yes”,


“fraudUnusualBehavior”: “Yes”,

“behaviorTermsVisited”: “No”,

“behaviorPageViewTime”: “54”,

“behaviorPagesVisited”: “2”,

“behaviorUniquePagesVisited”: “2”,

“behaviorTypingSpeed”: “325”,

“behaviorCopyPaste”: “0”,

“behaviorFieldChanges”: “1”,

“behaviorDwellTimeAvg”: “85”,

“behaviorFlightTimeAvg”: “125”,

“behaviorPauses”: “4”,

“behaviorDigraphAvg”: “209”,

“behaviorTrigraphAvg”: “415”,

“behaviorBackspaces”: “1”,

“behaviorDeletes”: “2”,

“webLinkedInMatch”: “Yes”,

“webFacebookMatch”: “No”,

“webTwitterMatch”: “Yes”,

“webEmailCount”: “4”,

“webEmailCoCount”: “3”




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