Here comes the Boogeyman!

November 16, 2021 by Antonio Latorre

Last week I spent some time off, laughing with some colleagues by remembering the most typical recommendations received by our parents to make us become easy going and wiser. I recall being a toddler that my mom used to say I should go to bed early and eat completely my meals to avoid the boogey man coming and picking me up. I Never knew why...

Banks and Fintechs @ The New Revolution Era

December 10, 2020 by Antonio Latorre and Francisco Cruzat

1865 was a crucial year for the Car Industry for being the birth year of Henry Ford. Age 15 he constructed his first steam machine, and not longer than 16 years later, he ended his first self propelled vehicle: the quadricycle. By 1903 he founded Ford Motor company and few years later designed the first moving assembly line for his model T, revolutionizing the car...

Pandemic COVID19: The Biggest Economic Crisis of the Century

July 22, 2020 by Antonio Latorre

Guide to a quick and healthy opening of the financial market. The essential objective of this document is to illustrate to the reader about the economic context that the health crisis has caused in the economies of the region, the chain of events that this crisis is triggering and what remains to be faced. We will slightly address the macroeconomic context and the consequences it...