The BDS Decision Hub is a powerful cloud based decision engine that takes care of the entire underwriting process: data collection, pre-processing, risk management, business rules, predictive algorithms and monitoring. All of that happens in real time and fully automatically, eliminating the possibility of human errors and personal judgement.

The BDS Decision Hub seamlessly connects to all internal and external data sources, including our proprietary Big Data Enrichment Engine that gathers thousands of additional data points from a variety of unconventional sources.

Quick deployment, ability to run challenger models and instant updating of production code makes BDS Decision Hub a perfect solution for underwriters that need to navigate the rapidly changing business environment and run a lean underwriting process.

BDS Decision Hub

  • makes instant, accurate and fully automated credit decisions
  • allows flexible credit risk management
  • reduces in-house IT and credit risk department cost
  • allows quick updates and changes
  • makes it easy to test challenger models
  • hosts your own of our predictive algorithms

Making profitable credit decisions has never been easier.

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