Scoring model hosting service launched

Scoring model hosting service launched

March 16, 2016 by Erki Kert

Responding to great interest from our existing and new clients, we have launched a scoring model hosting service. The new solution can be used by our clients to host their own scoring models in our secure cloud platform so that all underwriting models are conveniently in the same place – application scoring and big data scoring.

Some of the benefits of using our scoring model hosting service:

  • Easy deployment and management of  predictive models that enable real-time insights
  • Turns the preprocessing and scoring code into a simple cloud API
  • The API can be queried to score new data in real time or in batches
  • The response time is less than 200ms without external data sources and up to a few seconds if external data sources are used (depends on the response time of external sources)
  • Scales easily to extreme volumes
  • Individual models can be developed and deployed in hours instead of weeks

In addition to all of that, BDS Scoring Engine users also get access to Digital Footrprint DATA solution that makes scoring even more accurate and helps fight fraud.

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