20% improvement in scoring accuracy


What is Big Data Scoring?

Big Data Scoring is an easy-to-integrate, cloud-based service that lets consumer lenders improve loan quality and acceptance rates through the use of big data.

Automatically gathering tens of thousands of data points, Big Data Scoring’s platform uses machine learning algorithms to calculate your clients’ expected probability of default. Analyzing data from a number of online sources including social media, blogs and other web pages, Big Data Scoring collects relevant information to help you make an informed decision about your client.

Loan applications that have been incorrectly declined and credit losses cost lenders money. More accurate underwriting that uses publicly-available data about customers can solve these problems.

More accepted loans

% of accepted loans

with Big Data Scoring

Smaller credit losses

credit loss %

with Big Data Scoring

We work with lenders of all kinds – banks, payday lenders, P2P lending platforms, microfinance providers and leasing companies. As long as consumer lending is your business, we can improve your credit quality and loan acceptance rates. We also work with insurance companies, telecoms providers and e-commerce platforms.

Case study


A Central European bank with a large consumer lending business across seven countries


Underwriting for consumer loans relied on in-house underwriters using data from an external credit bureau


Big Data Scoring’s solution was backtested and calibrated on historical data within three days. Models were seamlessly integrated to bank underwriting



Easy integration

Big Data Scoring's solution can be backtested and integrated within a day.

Big Data Scoring’s service is mostly used to complement to current in-house underwriting processes. If information for your clients is scarce (for example, thin-file customers such as millennials or recent immigrants) or traditional credit scores are of low quality or non-existent (such as in emerging markets), Big Data Scoring’s solution is able to form the core of your underwriting processes.


Risk-free backtest

Risk-free backtesting and calibration on historical data


5-15% improvement in scoring accuracy

Simple and easy installation of the code on a website or in mobile apps


5-15% improvement in scoring accuracy

Simple and easy installation of the code on a website or in mobile apps

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