Big Data Scoring helps lenders harness big data to make better and more profitable credit decisions.

Even though the breadth of data that could potentially be used for credit scoring has expanded considerably, most lenders still rely on credit bureau scores and basic information from their loan applications.

How can a lender justify ignoring all the data that’s available through various online sources? We Google job applicants and go through their social media profiles before hiring so why don’t we do the same for potential borrowers?

Our team has more than 30 years of experience in developing credit scoring solutions. Today, we help lenders collect and analyze big data for more accurate and therefore more profitable credit decisions

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Who are our clients?

We work with lenders of any kind – banks and non-bank lenders, payday and P2P lenders, microfinance providers and leasing companies. As long as consumer lending is your business, we can improve your credit quality and loan acceptance rates.

How do we do it?

In addition to what you already know about your potential clients (which is usually information from their loan application and a score from a local credit bureau), we collect and analyze tens of thousands additional points of data to assess everyone’s credit risk. Figuratively, it is like a sophisticated Google search about your clients, on top of which many more layers of information is collected and analyzed from a number of online sources (including social media, blogs, random web pages and more)

Our team has more than 30 years of experience in credit scoring and we work with lenders across the world. We have developed our solutions through years of data collection and backtesting to make sure they live up to their promise.  We constantly upgrade and improve our models to add further value for our clients.

Benefits of using big data in underwriting?

Our underwriting models provide on average 25% improvement over the current best-in-class scoring models. For a lender, this translates directly into better credit quality and more clients. Use of big data can save money on credit losses, while at the same time increase revenue through expanding your potential client base.

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How does it work?

Our solutions can be easily integrated with any lending platform and you will see the benefit from the next day. We provide you a Big Data Score™ for each new client walking through your door. Of course, the solutions can be backtested for your clients as well so you know exactly what to expect.


> Contact our head of sales Mr Meelis Kosk for more information (, +372 5373 6395)




“This product has the potential of changing the lives of people now, and it may change whole economies in the not-so-distant future”



“After having studied the credit scoring services offered by Big Data Scoring, we are impressed by the new, additional dimensions of credit assessment the service brings in terms of enhanced data mining through big data, as well as the resulting added accuracy in predicting client credit behavior and reduction in credit losses.”

-Nemea Bank


Big Data Scoring solutions are offered globally and work in any part of the world.

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Mr. Meelis Kosk
Phone: +44 20 8133 4557

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